Project Organisation

    ECWP is organized into a network of specialized stations distributed within two areas totalizing more than 75,000 km².

    1) The main station, created in 1995, is based in Missour and is composed of:
    • a captive-breeding complex of 2,500 individual cages for adult breeders,
    • a rearing complex able to manage the preparation of future breeders as well as the future released birds, and pre-release facilities that can hold more than 2,000 birds,
    • an incubation building, which can incubate up to 40,000 houbara eggs per year on a highly professional way.


    2) A second captive-breeding station, based 65 km from Missour in Enjil, was created in 2005. The design of this station is optimizing all current knowledge on houbara captive-production. With this second station, the ECWP will have the potential to produce up to 20,000 houbara per year from 2015. The station also includes pre-release facilities that can hold more than 2,000 birds.

    3) Four permanent field release stations with pre-release and release facilities were created since 2007 within areas managed by the ECWP project, one near Outat El Haj, one near Mataarka, one near Bouarfa, and another near Tata.